Sunday, 8 April 2012

A Chocolate Adventure...

If you're not already sick of chocolate from stuffing your faces with your weight in Easter Eggs, why not discover some of the history behind chocolate and head to Kew Gardens to go on a Maya Adventure and find out about chocolate and its 3000 year old history...

Embark on an exciting Maya chocolate adventure this Easter. Magic, fun, yummy chocolate and 3000 years of history are waiting for you. Explore the interactive trail around the Gardens, then make something special to take home in chocolate making and craft workshops.

Collect crayon rubbings of all the Mayan symbols on the adventure trail to unlock the password. Along the way you will hear the story of ingredients the Maya used for a spicy chocolate drink.

On your journey explore the world famous Palm House, offer an origami flower to the sacred jaguar god in the Waterlily Pond, add your wish to the cacao wishing tree and make a mask, headdress or worry doll to take home. Get your face painted with an Easter design or a symbol you’ve discovered on your adventure.

Get a taste of Maya culture in chocolate making workshops, where you can try the drink the Maya invented and make your very own chocolate.

Entry costs £13.90 for Adults, £11.90 for Concessions, and all children under 17 go free!

So if you're about in West London, head to Richmond and spend the day at the beatiful Kew Gardens... which is where some of our designers took inspiration for our last collection!


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