Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Prepare for a Pancakeathon

Pancake day is upon us and we couldn’t resist a look at the most hedonistic recipes we could find. If your mouth isn’t watering now, then it will be once you read on. We’re not ones for the simple solution here at Religion so you’ll see none of the go-to lemon and sugar or maple syrup on this list. Roll up your sleeves, crack some eggs and prepare for a pancakeathon.

Savoury Options

The Morning After Pancake:

Fried egg? Bacon? Sprinkling of cheese? All wrapped up in a pancake? Why not…

The Posh Pancake:

Top your pancakes with gorgonzola, pancetta and spinach, then bake for 20 minutes.

Do like the Japanese do:

This Japanese style pancake is called  Okonomiyaki. Make a regular pancake batter and leave to one side in a bowl. Then combine cooked cabbage, chicken, soy sauce, prawns and whatever else you fancy (Okonomiyaki translates as “Whatever you like, cooked”). Mix this mixture with the batter and fry until golden brown. Eat with chopsticks or, if you’re hungry, fingers.

Sweet Options

The Sweet Tooth Pancake:

Top thick American style pancakes with chocolate chips, smooth peanut butter and hunks of banana. If you’re a real chocoholic then mix dark chocolate into the batter before cooking.

The Show off Pancake:

Whip up some white chocolate mousse (gently mix together melted white chocolate and pre-whipped egg whites and cream, then chill) and raspberry coulis (cook raspberries and icing sugar on a low heat until mushy, then sieve), stuff your pancakes with the mousse and drizzle with the coulis. This pancake is only for the truly dedicated.

The Arsonist pancake:

Our favourite – the flambĂ©! Wrap your pancake around a ball of vanilla ice cream, then cover in flaming Grand Marnier.

What are your favourites?