Friday, 29 June 2012

Jessie J wears Religion

Jessie J chose her outfit well when selecting what to wear for a performance in Belgrade this week. She paired a knotted, patterned crop top with our statement Falling shorts. The Falling shorts are high waisted with leather fringing that hangs below the hem of the shorts. They're a real party piece so throw on your heels, slick on some smokey eye make up, and you've got yourself an outfit.

These shorts look amazing when mid-movement as Jessie proves

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Religion Represented by Aleluya at Sonar Festival

Earlier this month, Religion was represented at the annual Sonar festival in Barcelona by our client Aleluya. Sonar has been going strong since 1994, a pioneering festival in its combination of entertainment with artistry, the avant garde and experimentation. We feel right at home at Sonar.

Sonar by day includes concerts, showcases, an exhibition area and more. That's when the festival go-ers swung by Aleluya's Religion stand and snapped up their outfits for their evening ahead. Sonar by night transforms the city and presents the leading names on the international music landscape.

It's too late to go to the festival this year, but here are some snaps of the Religion stand which should whet your appetite for next year's Sonar. To see more pictures or to plan your next Religion shopping spree in Barcelona, head over to the Aleluya Facebook page.

Find Aleluya here:
Pintor Fortuny, 30
0034 931813635

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Dakota Fanning wears Religion

Dakota Fanning: Hollywood sweetheart, acclaimed actress and surely the only eighteen year old who's wardrobe you'd want to raid. Oh, and did we mention Religion fan? Dakota was seen on the streets of LA this week wearing our Hopper Jacket (named after the legendary star of Easy Rider, Dennis Hopper), which is made in a slightly distressed black leather, with cross-hatched stitching on the lapel and elbow patches. Dakota has paired the Hopper with a loose shirt, skinny jeans and round lense sunglasses. Scroll down to see the complete look: 

Dakota takes it easy in Religion Hopper jacket

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DF wore the Hopper with a loose fitting shirt. Try our Goodwill Shirt 

A great pair of dark skinnies are a must in any wardrobe

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Friday, 22 June 2012

Getting Inside the Wolf Gang Bubble

Wolf Gang, the four piece headed up by Max McElligott, are currently supporting Coldplay on their USA tour. After playing Coachella earlier this year, we had a chat with Max and Lasse from the band about childhood aspirations, a hazy night in Berlin and conquering America one state at a time... 

Give us a brief introduction to Wolf Gang... 

Max: We’ve done  one album  so far; it’s very upbeat, melodic, indie-rock- pop I guess. We’ve done some festivals, been gigging round different parts of the world. We just got back from America performing at Coachella, which was amazing, and we’re working on the second album. 

How did Wolf Gang start out? 

Max: I already had the songs from the first album, and a record deal, so I was going round looking for someone to play with. Then I found Lasse, James and Gavin, and we grew from there. In fact, Wolf Gang started off between me and my sister...she came up with the name – we were brainstorming ideas and that’s the one that stuck, it sounded fun, theatrical and memorable. 

Lasse: Wasn’t it to do with your wolf costume? 

Max: Yea, well I’m called Max and when I was younger I loved Where The Wild Things Are because of Maximillian – so Mum made me a wolf costume. I actually bit her, really hard, on the leg! I drew blood and wouldn’t let go! She had to shake me off. 

What a lovely child you must have been! 

Max: Yes – apart from that I was a dream to bring up. 

What’s your musical inspiration? 

Max: When I was writing the songs from the first album, it was all people who I loved from my parent’s record collection: David Bowie, Elton John, Talking Heads, Fleetwood Mac – the era that classic pop writing that had good clarity to it. The stuff we’re writing now still has those good classic references I think. 

Lasse: But with more of a band sound now – it’s a bit of a poppy thing I think – like Bruce Springsteen, more upbeat. 

Are you all writing the second album together? 

Lasse: Yea we’ve been writing in his [Max’s] bedroom. We went to a studio in Berlin to write, but we found it more natural writing in his room. 

Max, it must be a nice change to be writing with the rest of the band this time? 

Max: It’s so good to have them to knock ideas around with, and get feedback. You really critique it more than when you’re with yourself – so the standard seems higher and it’s different. It’s fun. 

Tell us about Coachella... 

Max: We had a great time – we didn’t know what to expect when we arrived. It was kind of indicative for us about how we are doing over there, it was a way for us to see the results of the radio play we’ve had over in the states. But overall it was just great, it’s such a beautiful festival, we had so much fun, and it was amazing seeing other bands like Bon Iver and Radiohead. 

Lasse: It’s such an eclectic mix of music, there’s a lot of different bands and ones that you haven’t heard about but then they kick off from Coachella. 

Max: It’s like being in LA, it’s so glamorous. I’ve never seen so many beautiful women, everyone is on display, the whole thing is ridiculous – its one big catwalk! 

When did you find out that you were supporting Coldplay? 

Lasse: We found out when we were in Berlin, so we went out celebrating there. No one remembers anything from that night. 

Max: Well maybe I remember some details.... 

Go on?! 

Max [swiftly changes the subject]: It still really hasn’t sunk in. We love Coldplay and what they’ve done in their careers. You can say what you like about them but they’ve done incredible things. 

How did it come about? 

Max: The base player hustled to get us in, he’s a fan. It was pretty much all him I think! We’re looking forward to meeting him and having a chat – he seems interested in us which is great. Coldplay are the extension of everything that could go right in our career so it’ll be great to get some advice from them and play them our demos. 

What’s the best thing about America for musicians and for tourists? 

Max: Oh – big portions! There’s a real enthusiasm in America – and it’s so diverse because it’s such a huge territory. You sort of win one state at a time and it’s like a domino effect. 

Lasse: It’s like a game of Risk. 

Who are your icons, who you’d aspire to be at the same level as? 

Max: That’s so difficult to answer. We all daydream but... 

Lasse: I always liked the idea of being like David Bowie – he’s done some incredible things, which he’s known for, but he’s done some awful things too. He definitely didn’t get away with it – but I think that’s a good thing. There’s ups and downs in there but he’s famous for the best moments. 

What about when you were children? Did you always want to be musicians? 

Lasse: I think I wanted to be a nursery teacher. 

Max: I wanted to be a washing machine, when I was very young. I didn’t understand the concept of humans and appliances. I wanted to be a swimming pool too. 

That sounds like a very confusing time... 

Lasse: “Mum, I’ve decided! I want to be.... a washing machine!” 

Did you have a good connection with your washing machine? 

Max: I must have done.... no one understood me quite like the washing machine did. 

What is your band style like when performing? 

Max: Speaking for the band – we have an element of smartness but we’re relaxed too. There’s nothing too pastiche or try hard. A bit of flare, a bit of subtlety. 

You both live in London, where are your favourite places? 

Max: Well for inspiration London is amazing, but after you’ve lived here it’s all about the nooks and crannies that you discover, like where you get your coffee. 

Lasse: Hampstead Heath is a favourite of mine. It can be like walking into a Charles dickens novel. 

Tell us something nobody else knows about the band... we want to hear about that night in Berlin. 

Lasse : Hmmm, if nobody knows it, it’s probably for a good reason. 

Max: There’s an inner circle. What happens in the bubble stays in the bubble.

- We want to be in the bubble! If you want to read up on the band  then check out their website or take a look at their Facebook.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Summer Sale - up to 50% off...

... need we say more? The Religion summer sale is in full swing as of today. Come in to any of our stores (find us here) or Topshop and House of Fraser concessions to enjoy a discount of up to 50% off the summer collection. Fancy a taster? Keep scrolling...

Anatomy Top

Animal Shorts

Stab Dress

Balham Shorts

Tailor Shirt

Holes Hoody

Day Tripper Tee

Friday, 15 June 2012

Win Ibiza Rocks tickets and a new wardrobe

Picture the scene: thousands of people in the mood for a wild one, the Balearic sun beaming down on you, free flowing tequila and the greatest party of earth. It's Ibiza season and we've teamed up with Clash Magazine and Ibiza Rocks to give you one helluva prize.

Clicking right here, yes, here! On these words! And entering the competition will put you in with the chance of winning a two night stay at the legendary Ibiza Rocks hotel, tickets to a show of your choice (you can choose between Paolo Nutini, Bloc Party, and Tinie Tempah) for you and a friend AND a £250 shopping spree at yours truly, Religion.

You can find all the details of the prize and how to enter over at the Clash website. All it takes is a click and you could be here by the end of the summer:

Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Only Way is Religion

C'mon, admit it, you watched last night's 'The Only Way Is Marbs' TOWIE special too. But did you spot the Religion pieces that the stars of the show chose to wear for their week of champagne spray and burnt BBQs?

Cara sips champagne with a smile while wearing our Olsen Dress.
Olsen dress - buy it from ASOS

Tom layered our Gun Denim Gillet with a light grey hooodie.

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Lydia came to our Brick Lane store for some post-Marbs retail therapy and picked up our Disperse Dress

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


The Euros have begun, and in true patriotic style we've got a range of tees to bring out your inner footy hooligan/proud Brit. You can get them all from Serene Order

Bulldog tee

Scarf tee

Euro 2012 tee

Euro 2012 tee

England 'till I die tee

Friday, 8 June 2012

St Tropez in Shoreditch

We're bringing the sunshine back - one Hawaiian shirt at a time. Rita Ora wore our St Tropez shirt at her show last night and her boyf Rob Kardashian Tweeted this gorge picture of her - she's worn the shirt with a cut out grey knit and some killer smokey eyes:

It's not the first time this men's shirt has been given a feminine twist - Trisha from our Shoreditch store tried out the style a few months ago too on this very blog.

And GQ are fans too! Our St Tropez was the key item in their feature on Hawaiian shirts for the July issue:

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Friday, 1 June 2012

Jubilee! Jubilee! Jubilee!

It's really here - the 4 day weekend you've been dreaming of for months! Here's a look at some of our celeb fans who have been flying the flag for GB in Religion over the past few months:

Amy Childs in our Bulldog tee

Cara Kilbey in the Disperse Dress

And who could forget RiRi in our God Save The Queen sweat?

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Have a jolly good weekend!