Saturday, 29 October 2011

Halloween is upon us.

It’s the end of October, there is an unwelcome chill in the air, and it’s the only time in the year a pumpkin is on the top of everyone’s shopping list… It is of course Halloween. 

Now some of you will make a real effort  fancy dress and transform into your chosen alter ego, others will just buy a tube of fake blood, cover yourselves in it, in an attempt to look...scary. For those of you, who like a little injection of morbidity and horror in everyday life, why not opt for one of our illustrated t-shirts such as the Man Who Fell to Earth top...

 Photo courtesy of ASOS

Religion is the place to go for muted, dark and moody printed t-shirts. So save yourself washing all that fake blood out of your top and head down to one of our three stores and get a new addition to your wardrobe- something that will last longer than that pumpkin you spent a good few hours carving, which is no doubt starting to decay already! 

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