Monday, 9 April 2012

Bank Holiday Monday Madness...

So after all that chocolate and gorging on food, I'm pretty sure you'll all need a drink. Plus Bank Holidays are made to be spent down the pub drinking one too many beers.

The White Horse Pub in Parson's Green has gone one better and has a Beer Festival! Open from 9.30am in the morning (that's right, beer for breakfast, or hair of the dog depending on how you spent your Sunday!) Plus it's free entry so good for your wallet...until the drinking commences!

You'll find over 50 brews from large and small family, regional and microbrewers alike will feature in the White Horse’s festival line-up – with such names as Redemption, Darkstar, Summer Wine, Otley, Hammerpot, Downton and Magic Rock all being represented, brews from some of which for the first time ever at the White Horse.

Weather permitting the ever-popular BBQ will be fired up. Check out their
website to see the venue.

Contact for more information and to book a place.

Have fun, and behave!

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