Thursday, 17 May 2012

New Music's Got Style

There are certain rights of passage for all new musicians set to make it big; going on Jools Holland, gigging their way round the country in a Peugeot 106 (or something like that), air play by Zane Lowe, the list goes on. Add another to that list: on their way up to the top, they’re all passing through the doors of Religion. Here’s a selection of our latest newcomers and ones to watch...
Labrinth: Ok so maybe calling him a ‘new musician’ is a bit of a stretch. He’s been huge on the scene ever since Tinie Tempah uttered the words: ‘Labrinth, Come In’.  As a man with discerning taste and, as you’ll see below, mountains of style, Lab picked out the Black Label Base Jacket when he dropped by.
Lab wears the Base Jacket

Next up – Etta Bond. This isn’t her first trip to Religion either, as Etta wore one of our dresses for a pre-Brits performance earlier this year. Signed to Lab’s label, this London girl’s voice is soulful and strong. We love her for her revealing lyrics and when she hits the big notes. Our favourite is ‘Ask Me To Stay’ – have a listen...

Etta wears the Skull Collar

Grimes, the Canadian goth-come-dance music machine has an ethereal voice and makes her music in her Montreal bedroom. Wikipedia isn’t the most trustworthy source of information at the best of times but we’re inclined to believe that her profile, saying she built a house boat with her boyfriend which housed the couple and their pet chickens, is probably true. She’s also brought out a line of...brace yourselves... 'Pussy Rings'. The jury’s still out on that one. She even wore one on Jools Holland and we can’t help but admire her subversive style:
Get the Falling Jacket and Roberto Wash Dress here 
Delilah. My, my, my. This multicultural beauty balances the grittiness of East London style and the prettiness of ... well... being really pretty. She performed an amazing session in Fearne Cotton’s Radio 1 Live Lounge on Tuesday and here at Religion we’re super happy that she’s getting recognised in the mainstream.
Delilah rocks up our Haines Maxi with DM's.
And finally, it’s the über-glam Jessie Ware, who started out singing backing vocals for cheeky chap Jack Peñate and now belts out breathy tunes – our favourite being ‘Running’, which you may have heard on the club circuit in the form of a Discosure mix. She’s like the cool girl next door who  you wish was your bezzie mate. Take a listen:
Jessie in Gracious Cardigan

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