Friday, 24 February 2012

Religion interview: Kirk Norcross

Read our chat with star of TOWIE and Celebrity Big Brother, Kirk Norcross. Kirk came into our Brick Lane store and picked up some tees and jeans – plus our Bulldog tee in honour of his pet bulldog Bozo.

What are you doing for the rest of the day?
Just meetings today and radio stuff. Trying to sort my life out really!

What have you got planned at the moment?
I’ve got a book coming out – that’s the focus really this year, it comes out in September. I’m writing it myself with a little help.

Do you know already what your best anecdotes are?
It’s just my general life growing up. It wasn’t just what you see on the TV, you know? There’s a lot of hidden secrets, a lot of skeletons in the closet – but they’ll all be popping out! It’s gonna be good!

How are you feeling post big brother?
Good! I enjoyed it. I made some good friends in there and it’s opened some doors for the start of a new career.

You’re glad you did it then?
It’s the best thing I’ve done. Really brilliant. And next – well I’m gonna do a lot more TV this year, and try a bit of acting as well. I’ve got a couple of films that people want me to do, gangsta sort of films, so that’s alright.

Have you got any regrets from Big Brother?
I never regret anything in my life. If you think you’re gonna regret it, don’t do it.

Not even a cringe?
Hmmm slightly cringe maybe but only if it’s embarrassing when I’m walking around naked.

We read that Frankie is moving in with you?
Well he’s not really moved in, he lives in Brighton but when he is over this way then I get him round for a couple of weeks.

What are the two of you going to get up to?
We’re just gonna party like rock stars! Nah, you know what we just wanna put our heads down and get on with work really. Cos he could easily be led astray, but you know, he’s not been in it long and I’ve been in it for ages now.

So you’re going to give him a guiding hand?
Yea definitely, which I would have needed. I reckon if I’d had a guiding hand in the beginning I would have been a lot further along than I am now. I just partied for a good 6 months – I just enjoyed it.

What does the future hold for you?
Property. And start a family – I want a family young – I want to get married soon.

That leads us on to our next question – what about your love life?
Love life? Single at the moment but I am looking, so that could change.

Did you ever get anywhere with Georgia?
No! I’m still pursuing it though; she’s in New York at the moment.

You’ve always got Frankie though eh?
Yea, I’ve got my Frankie!

What’s a day in the life of Kirk Norcross like?
Get up – have a jog – get home – have me juice – take the dog for a walk – go into the office – tell everyone off, boss a few people around – go the gym – and then just chill with my family. I’ve gotta make sure all my work’s been done you know, and family comes first for me. I’m not really a party person no more. Used to be. I’m bored of it now.

Are you watching the new series of TOWIE?
I’ve not watched it – I feel bad cos my Dad’s in it! So I feel like I have to watch it, but I’ve not.

You’ll have to catch up – you’ve Sky Plussed it right?
Nah! It’s bad isn’t it! My dad doesn’t know – I keep saying ‘Well done for last night!’.

Tell us about your dress sense? We see you wearing alot of tweed?
Yea I love tweed! I change my style a lot to be honest but my style icon is George lamb.

Yea – he rocks the grey streak.
Do you think I should get one?

You could maybe get a different colour?

On second thoughts, maybe you shouldn’t.... So what’s your go-to going out ensemble?
Fitted jeans, white shirt, brown shoes, brown belt. Actually I prefer wearing t-shirts now ‘cos when I’m out people pull me round from pillar to post – so t-shirts are much more comfy. I tell you what though, I got a pair of these last year [Kirk points to our Dagger chino] and I’ve been wearing them constantly.

Religion Dagger Chinos

Are you a chino or a skinny jean guy?
Last year I’d have said chinos but this year its skinny jeans.

Frankie’s rubbing off on you!
Not skinny like his though! They’re the girl’s ones, they’re madness!

Whats your biggest fashion faux pas?
Probably my one piece, I think. Yea, I wear it out all the time – not clubbing, but I wear it a lot. I’ve got different ones – I want one with my name on.

If your life was put together into a montage, what would the soundtrack be?
Probably Dizzie Rascal I’m just a Rascal.

Nice! Maybe you could fade it into a ballad now that you’re not clubbing as much?
Yea, I like Dean Martin Kick in the Head... that’s my life, I just want to fall in love and settle down.

On your Twitter page, you’re always posting pictures of what you’re eating. Are you hungry right now?!
Nah! I had a strict diet before so that’s why I was always Tweeting it.

What’s your perfect night out?
It’s probably....with a fit bird in bed.

We said night out!
Ahh, well I don’t really go clubbing no more, I don’t like it. My Dad’s had nightclubs for years and it’s ruined it for me. It’s killed it.

What’s your tipple?
I like bubblegum vodka but I can only find it in America. Otherwise it’s Amaretto and Coke, if I had to choose one.

And what about Essex?
I’m going to stay in Essex for the rest of my life. Might get little house abroad, little timeshare in Florida, something nice. But I’m an Essex boy, I’m not leaving.

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